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Professor Chu,Chong-Sun

Professor Chong-Sun, Chu
03-5731110 (R510, General Building II)
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  Research Fields
  1. String Theory
  2. Mathematical Physics
  1. 1987-1991, B.Sc. in Physics (1st honour), Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  2. 1991-1996, Ph.D. In Physics, University of California at Berkeley.
  Professional Experience
Current position:
  1. 2015/01: Director, National Center for Theoretical Science,Physics Division.
  2. 2013/08-: Tsing Hua Chair Professor
  3. 2012/08-: Professor of Physics, National Tsing Hua University.
  1. 2001- current: Lecturer, Reader, Chair Professor of Mathematics, Durham University.
  2. 2002-2004: Associate Professor of Physics, National Tsing Hua University
  Honors and Awards
  1. Principal Investigator and Program Coordinator in charge of an international collaboration grant (UK-Germany-Japan-Korea) from the European Commission (2009-2013).
  2. Fellow of the Institute of PhysicsUK (2007).
  3. Fellow of the Higher Educatioin AcademyUK (2007).
  4. EPSRC Advanced Fellow (2004-2009).
  5. International faculty of the Interdisciplinary 
  6. Center of Theoretic Studies, Academic SinicaChina (2003-2007).
  7. Wu Ta You Memorial Prize from the NSC (2003)
  8. Outstanding Scholar Chair Award from the Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship (2012).
  Research Interests and achievement
Updated on September 3, 2006
String theory is a prime candidate for a consistent theory of quantum gravity. It holds the promise to address some of the deepest questions of theoretical physics, such as the origin and the structure of space-time. However our current understanding of string theory is limited and it is needed to be improved and completed. I am interested in the underlying symmetry principles of string theory, and to gain control of string theory in its non-perturbative regime. 
  Selected Publications


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